Blade Brown: King Of Trap-Rap Part 2

In part 2, we talked Floyd Mayweather, Meek Mill and BXB.

(This article was originally published on BespokeMag)

In Part 1, we talked about how Blade Brown cemented his position within trap-rap in the UK. In part 2, he told us a bit more about how he’s managed to adapt and maintain relevant within an increasingly competitive UK rap scene.

At what point did you decide there’s more to music than just releasing music like venturing into your clothing brand, BXB?

It’s always been something on the back of my mind. With the new BXB stuff, I fully rebranded it, knew what I wanted it to look like, gave it a proper push and put some proper money behind it.

Thankfully, it’s gone further and taken off quicker than I ever thought it would. With music and branding yourself, there’s lots of ways to make money. If people like my music, then people will like my creative side. I’m into clothes, and I wanted to give you my perception on what my style and my fashion is, and people are taking to it.
What’s the new angle with the 
BXB stuff that’s different from before?

The new BXB is subtler, more classy and can be worn by anybody; man on the block wearing it, man going out dressed up in high fashion wearing it, that’s the kind of angle I wanted for it. It’s for everybody, people know what it represents and they think it looks good.

What made you want to address the ladies a bit more exclusively in your music, compared to some of your older stuff?

I feel like there has always been girl tracks, a lot of them are from an angle that puts a street edge on the girl tracks. I been working a lot with Tigga [Da Author], who came to me with the beat and hook for “Drug Dealer”, and just wrote what came to my head. A lot of girls listen because they have boyfriends’ and brothers involved in that lifestyle. But you have to give them a tune for themselves now and again.

In the “Drug Dealer” video, you have some cameos there from Meek Mill & Floyd Mayweather, how did the Mayweather link up come about?

He saw us filming on the strip and asked us what we’re filming and what’s happening. We told him, and he said “let’s get some shots” and he was down for it. It was a natural cameo.

If you had to pick your top 3 moments in music so far, what would they be?

1 – The first time I put something on iTunes properly – Bags and Boxes 2, I uploaded it wrong, so it didn’t go live when it was supposed to. I was so pissed, to the point where I nearly ended up putting it out for free. I think I was speaking to Skepta, and he was like “nah you can’t do that, sort it out and get it out there properly. When it did come out, it did good numbers.

2 – My first F64. For me, it changed a lot of stuff because it showed people that I was a lyricist, and more than just rapping about “this or that”. Back then F64 was about 64 bars of straight going in, so that was a big moment.

3 - The third moment was when we made the Hollowman Meets Blade tape in 07. That was before iTunes, so when we put that out for sale, that’s when I kind of first realised the way we were selling that tape was crazy. I realised this music can actually sell and make money/ a lot of record shops out there ran out of CDs, so yeah, that was another big moment.

Do you feel like the artists of 2015 have it easier than you did, compared to when you were on the come up?

I would say yes and no. Yes, as it’s a lot easier for them to get their music out there, an artist back in the day would’ve had to have done the graft, the radio stations, the pirates, all of that stuff to get your name buzzing.

Like I said, 1 YouTube video and you have a name now. At the same time, it’s harder, because there’s more competition. A new guy can release his stuff tomorrow and stop your buzz or take some light off you. I don’t feel involved in that scene as such because I just do my own thing, but I like what I’m seeing. There’s a lot of good new young talent and it keeps the game fresh, keeps you on your toes.
Who are some of the artist you’re listening to right now?

To be honest, I’m quite a busy guy. I just hear what I hear. Vile Greeze is someone better than a lot of these rappers you hear now, but he’s being slept on. Little Torment is sick, Mental K, Squilla’s sick, Youngs Teflon and that. I’m not just naming people that’s around me. I work with them because they’re sick artists.

So what’s next from you? Can we expect a Bags and Boxes 4?

I’ve actually got a project I’m sitting on that I haven’t released, just putting the finishing touches on that. People keep @’ing me and DM-ing me for Bags and Boxes 4, but not that’s not for right now.

So another project before Bags and Boxes 4, if that was to come?

Yeah definitely another project before Bags and Boxes 4, if that was to happen.

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