One To Watch: Tiggs Da Author

A sit down with Tiggs Da Author, who’s due to have a big year in 2016.

(This article was originally published on BespokeMag)

There’s been a strong concentration of artists this year that capture the eclectic nature of London’s sounds, but there is one who is mastering this art with ease right now.That artist is none other than, Tiggs Da Author who if described in one word would be eclectic due to his sound sourcing influences from an array of genres including; jazz, soul, R&B, grime and more. Not too many artist can pigeonhole multiple genres and still produce music of such a high quality. And we say this with confidence as while still relatively new, the musician has already checked off a number of milestones.

Listen to “Georgia”, his latest single which he performed on the Jools Holland show recently, or failing that, throw it back to 2013 and zone out to “Still Sway”, that features Kano and Sway. Or if not those two bangers, download his first EP – Evilution and get a full dose of his artistry. In all three instances, his ability to manipulate a genre to suit his sound is impeccable, while his poetic nature makes for some powerful songwriting. Basically, this guy is a problem, and a very good one at that for the UK scene.

Ahead of his performance at Community Festival, we caught up with Tiggs to find out what he’s up to right now.

What made you want to take music seriously?

At first it was just a hobby, then the more I got into music, I just took it a lot more seriously. I started off going studio maybe once a week, then it turns into two times, three times, then I was practically living there.

So turning your hobby into your job almost?

Exactly. I was taking it serious from then to be fair.

You have a very soulful voice, but then also, you can switch to a faster, more grime orientated flow. But that’s just my interpretation of your sound. How would you describe your music to someone that’s never heard you before?

Definitely soulful is the right word for it. I’ve got a lot of soul influences but at the same time I grew up in South London so I grew up around a lot of UK rap and grime.

At first I wasn’t really singing, when I first got into music it was more rapping, but that’s when I didn’t take it that serious. When I started singing, that’s when I was in there for a long time. 

So the singing changed things for you?

Yeah because back then I was teaching myself how to write songs properly. I wouldn’t just write bars for the sake of writing new bars.

A lot of rawness shines through in your music, almost like you’re just having fun with it, putting out the stuff you want to put out. What’s the plan now going forward?

 I’m just going to carry on doing me. I’m still going to release songs that I have from my album, but at the same time, I’m going to collab with UK artists that I like and make some music just for the underground fans who aren’t into the mainstream stuff too much. The plan is just to release as much content as possible.tiggb

When I spoke with Blade Brown, we talked about “Drug Dealer” and how that represents how his sound has slightly adjusted over time from some of his earlier stuff, and he talked up your creativity a lot. How did that collaboration come about?

The guy who produced the song, Shin from Dumb Beats, he’s one of my boys and he said he’s working on Blade’s project at the moment. I was like cool, let’s hit the studio and do a few different choruses then give them to Blade. Then Blade heard them and he picked the right one. He knew what his fans wanted to hear, but we got a couple bangers that hasn’t been released. 

You also did the collaboration with Nines, he’s known for only working with people close to his own music movement. How did the track “Yay” come to fruition?

 Same with him. I knew that he was working on some songs, and we got a few mutual friends so I literally went in the studio with my boy and started recording.

Actually, the only one I recorded for nines was “Yay”, I thought that might be sick for him to just vibe on that, might be a bit different from his other stuff. When I sent it to him, he was on it, then it just happened.

Your latest track, “Georgia” is a very soulful, and a completely different vibe from “Yay” and “Drug Dealer”. Are you on a mission to spread soulful music within the UK? Or are you going to keep things more open, or pigeonhole your sound?

If it’s my song, I’m gonna stick to my vibe but I don’t mind jumping on a vibe for say Blade [Brown] or Nines or whatever UK artist I like, to work with their vibe and make a sick tune. Or we can meet somewhere in the middle where it might not be their vibe, but it just sounds like.

So tunes that embrace that ‘middle ground’ kinda area…

Yeah, I feel like both the Nines and Blade [Brown] songs are in that middle ground. Blade doesn’t really make soft tunes like that, but that’s like a middle ground.

When you get that middle ground right, the song usually is a madness…

Exactly. The underground fans are still going to like the tune, and think it’s just different from the other shit.

 Now not anyone gets called onto the Jools Holland show, so how did it feel to perform on such a prestigious platform?

That was crazy man. Proper crazy. I’ve been wanting to go on that for years, but you know when you think it’s never going to happen, but I felt it coming, getting closer. Once I released “Georgia”, it got a bit of attention from the right people, their people ended up coming to my one of my shows they liked it, then they just asked us to be on it.

I guess it can be that simple of reaping the rewards of your hard work…

Exactly man, and obviously you need a bit of luck as well.

What’s the reception towards “Georgia” been like from your end?

It’s been sick on my end. I feel like it’s definitely opening some doors and think it’s a really good starting point, so now it’s about keeping the consistency of just releasing sick music. Before the end of the year, I’m probably gonna release couple more songs, maybe some collaborations, but just sick tunes really.

Any collabs coming up with UK artists soon?

Yeah, but I can’t really talk about those right now, you know like that.

Understandable man. Being from the UK, who would you say your favourite artists are coming from the UK?

Wretch [32], Sway and probably Dizzee [Rascal].

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